California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag

Most California Cadet Corps activities used by units in the Sacramento Metropolitan area between 1960 and 1985 had their beginnings in the classroom. Teachers realized that the nature of the skills that were being taught in the classroom curriculum required application in a field environment. This resulted in the development of extracurricular activities that were organized around classroom subject matter. However, it quickly became apparent that these activities also provided a superior medium for the development of leadership for all of the student participants. As the program and associated activities matured, the leadership nature of the extracurricular activities became as important, if not more important than the subject matter of the extracurricular activities themselves.

Although the nature and order of extracurricular activities varied each school year and also over time, the following set of activities and their timeframe for a typical school year is provided in the following table :




Wilderness Survival

Mountain Survival Bivouac

Three Days in Mid October

Rifle Marksmanship

Tri-County Cadet Rifle League

After School November Through February 


Leadership School


Snow Survival

Snow Survival Bivouac

Three Days in January or February

Rifle Marksmanship

State Championship Rifle Matches

Three Days in April


Major Cadet Awards

A Weekend in May

Map Reading

Map Reading, Weapons And Patrolling Bivouac

Three or Four Days in April 

Seashore Survival

Sea Survival Bivouac

Three Days at The End Of May

Drill and Leadership

Regional Drill Competition

A Weekend in May


Repelling Trips

various locations throughout the year

Wilderness Skills

Cave Exploration & Backpacking Trips

various locations throughout the year

All Subjects

Cadet Summer Camp

7 To 10 Days In June Camp Winthers, Camp Roberts, and Camp San Luis Obispo 

Rifle Markamanship National Matches

July - August at Camp Perry, Ohio


The Cadet Handbook

The Cadet Manual