2004 California Cadet Corps Reunion Survey

Please respond to complete and submit responses to the following items.

Your responses will be used in planning for future reunions.

(The name and school entries are optional)

Name:    School: Connection:

1. What were your favorite 2004 reunion activities - list three or more below with comments:

2. What suggestions do you have for new activities at future reunions?  List them below:

3. What activities should NOT be included at future reunions?  Please list them below:

4. How can we get more Cadets and their families to attend?

5. How can we make the reunion more spouse and family friendly?

Is there anything that you could volunteer to help with for in this area?

6.  Every effort was made to control costs.  How do you feel about this?

Did you find the reunion a good value for the money?

7.  How long should the reunion last?

8. How often should reunions be held (How often would you come)? 

Every Year      

Every 2 Years    

Every 3 Years 

Every 5 Years 


9.  Reunion Facilities - Where should future reunions be held?          

At Camp Winthers      

At a hotel or motel with meeting facilities

At a school  

Other Location:                 

10.  What is the best time of the year to hold a reunion?                                

Other time of the year:


11. Were directions maps and pre-reunion information satisfactory? What needs improvement?

12. If your reunion name tag contained errors, please list the correct information here:

13. Please list any other comments that you might have in the space  below:

14. When you have completed this survey, click on the Submit button below.

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