California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag


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El Camino High School

Colonel Thomas Armstrong 1960's-1980s

La Sierra High School

    Captain Allen F. Long 1957-1963


    Paul A. Krumhaus 1963-1965

    Jack L. Espinal 1965-1982

San Juan High School


     Dixon A. Porter 1950's-1963

    James Theobaldt 1963-1965

    Paul A. Krumhaus 1965-1974

    Mark Imrie 1974-1975

    Paul A. Krumhaus 1965-1982

Grant Union High School

    George Robinson

    Jack L. Espinal

Roseville High School

    Jerry Oates


    William Cassidy

In 1961 the California Cadet Corps held an Educational Workshop Program for Commandants and a few selected Cadets in Fresno, California.  Special Order 10 and Special Order 13 contain the names and schools of those commandants.   Some of the Commandants pictured on this page are listed on those orders.