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As I view the website I am flooded with memories of experiences and friends. It wasn’t until adulthood that I realized the positive impact the CCC had on my life. The CCC helped to build a foundation that has afforded me many successes in my life. The CCC also helped me to learn how to deal with life’s curveballs in a positive manner. I salute you for the work you do on this website in affording people the opportunity to reflect on the experiences they shared in the California Cadet Corp. KG
It's about time a web site was made for us. TO
Let me know about the reunion. Would be interested in catching up on what happened to everyone. AT
My first mountain survival: I promised not to ever eat another gooseberry and I learned to love mac-and-cheese when we got back to the Field House. Then there was a bus ride with Grant CCC students to Leadership School on the island base in Stockton. Finally, I do recall an excellent time at Beale AFB spending the day getting familiar with the M-1 Garand at long ranges, learning orienteering and then applying those skills during day
and night navigation exercises!
As a teen I need extra care and you saw that in me and had faith in me, when others gave up on me.  I speak of the Cadet Corps often to friends and family members. KM
In a recent conversation I was reviewing my four years in California Cadet Corps my friend and I attended La Sierra.  We agreed that each of us received more leadership training in those years than at any other time in our lives.  I am a consultant and Vice President of a local sports company my friend is a lifetime Army officer The skills I have today began with my friends in the CCC.  I am forever indebted to Jack Espinal for this training. DW
I often think about the enjoyment of being 17 again and the memories of being in the California Cadet Corps and using the teaching that your tried to impress upon us in the rearing of my own children. For this, I thank you. RS

I was just thinking about the days when you could actually have rifles, a rifle range, and target shooting at a high school campus. I have many fond memories, especially of some of the field activities from those days.

Since Graduating From Grant and receiving my discharge from the California Cadet Corps, I want everyone to know that the California Cadet Corps really helped me while I was in the military especially during my tour of duty to Viet Nam. I thank Jack Espinal and the other instructors who were there to teach me discipline! Thank you all. WM
The years I spent at San Juan H.S. (66-69) with the Cadet Corps 
were the ones that helped mold me into who I am today.  The 
thirty years that followed with the California Army National Guard 
and my career with Pacific Bell could not have been realized 
without the foundation established with the Corps.  I have always 
regretted that my children have not had the opportunities I so 
much enjoyed.  I hope this web site takes off because it is a real 
trip down memory lane.  We were very fortunate an San Juan 
and La Sierra to have leaders and mentors such as Paul Krumhaus 
and Jack Espinal to bring out the best in everyone.  They made 
me freeze and starve at Snow Survival, rappel off bridges and 
cliffs, fire every kind of weapon imaginable, and made me better 
for it.   I think of them fondly and often!
I was 17th Battalion XO at Grant Union High School, class of '56.  
I was about to drop out of school, and I was headed for a life of 
crime until my first class in the Cadet Corps.  It changed my life 
in less than an hour, and has influenced my life in many ways, 
probably more than any other factor in my life. 
The 1.5 years I was in the 31st. Battalion did enormous healing 
to a teenager who was forced move to cross country and leave 
friends behind at Ft. Benning, Ga. The California Cadet Corps helped 
restore my self esteem and sense of purpose. I will never forget the 
Color Guard I and others put together. The rifle team remains golden 
in my memory as do the trips to the High Sierra.
The Website brings back many happy memories. I graduated from 
El Camino in 1958, and Maj. Armstrong played a big role in my life. 
I continued with the marksmanship for the rest of my life, and 
eventually became an instructor with the NRA. 
When I moved to California and joined the Cadet Corps I didn't 
know the changes it would make in my life. I now have a 
daughter that is almost 16. We live in a small town in Arkansas. 
We are fortunate that they have Jr ROTC here in the schools. 
When I discussed classes with my daughter I recommended 
she take it for at least 1 year...She is in her second year and just 
made staff sergeant. She couldn't be happier.   I am so glad 
I had the opportunity to take the class when I did. It seems that 
the other cadets were my only friends.
I have always treasured my years in the CCC, the friends I made
 there, and what that training prepared me for as an adult. Thank 
God for (then) Major Armstrong and all the older members who 
helped us younger ones.
One day at school you brought some jerky in and had us all taste it and then you told us it was made from a cat I thought Susan Dollar was going to puke , but then you told use you had made it from beef at home and that you wanted all of us to make some and bring it in, I remember a lot about our California Cadet Corp because it was the best time of my life. MC
I can not think of an educator or role model who has had a more profound impact on my life than you.  I am 48 years old now, the last time I saw you I was 16.  You may not recall this but you called my house one evening when I was 15 and wanted me to make a decision about doing something. I don't even remember what it was. But I do remember what you said about making that decision.  You said  "I don't care if its right or wrong It doesn't make any difference what makes a difference is doing something. Any body can do nothing  - It's up too you!"
If it wasn't for the Cadet Corps I never would have made it through 9 months of basic training and two AITs (Both MP and Quartermaster school).  I never regretted anything that had to do with the military. The California Cadet Corps saved me from alcoholic parents and teenage pregnancy, it gave me a reason to reach for the stars. I have those stars now and am passing them on to my sons. MB
I was telling my mom, 70 years old, about how great the cadet 
reunion was. I was telling her how much you instructors how 
influenced so many of our lives.  She then told me that the 
California Cadet Corps instructors have no idea how far the circle 
went of influencing lives.  Through my experience with rifle 
shooting and mental training her life was also greatly affected. 
She talked about the different things I learned and had taught her.  
She said that it has been an inspiration to her. So, I want to tell you 
THANKS AGAIN for everything you did that helped to influence my life.
My memories of the CCC start in 1976.  I was one of four cadets who 
attended the summer camp in SLO and returned to our schools in 
Los Angeles to begin the program.  I was with the 210th Battalion 
at Marina del Rey Junior High School.  I continued on in the program 
until I graduated from Venice High (the high school didn't have a program 
so I kept going back to MdR).  I did my year in college assisting and 
stayed with the program until 1990.  I remember the fun of Camp Roberts, 
Camp San Luis Obispo, the drilldowns, community service the CCC 
provided, etc.  The skills learned many years ago are still with me, and 
it doesn't seem that long ago I was in my khaki uniform going 
through inspection.
I remember Mr. Theobolt and Mr.Krumhaus both fondly.  I have like 
many of the former Cadets called upon the strengths that we found 
within ourselves many times in my life.  I am much better for all of 
my experiences in the Corps.
In Sacramento we were fortunate to have three men who gave not just 
their time, but their heart and souls.  There are a lot of people who 
have Paul Krumhaus, Jack Espinal and Tom Armstrong to thank for 
the positive impact on their lives.  I know of no other educators who 
cared as much or gave as much as you three.  Thank you
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