The Following Individuals have made significant contributions to this Website:

Don Currier La Sierra Multimedia Presentation
Joni (Hensley) DeCroix El Camino Contacts, Pictures, and Scrapbook
Robert Cowan Roseville Pictures, stories, 1957 California Cadet Corps Handbook and other historical documents
John Wood La Sierra Web Graphics
Kate Comer El Camino Pictures
Paul Krumhaus San Juan Original Video
Leon Atkins San Juan Pictures
Roger Bolt La Sierra Pictures
Michelle (Campos) Rawlins Grant Pictures, 2004 and 2005 reunion video
Troy Baker San Juan 1951 California Cadet Corps Handbook 2004 Reunion Video
Willard Hughes & Robert Cowan 1st Bde and Roseville Historical pictures from Placer HS 100 year yearbook
Joe Schlecter Roseville Historical material and pictures from 1955-1959
Robert Nicholson La Sierra State Match Diary and yearbook page
Mary Hailing San Juan Scrapbook Pictures
Mike Frerichs La Sierra Pictures, Documents, and Yearbook Pages
Joe Schlecter Roseville Original Documents
Jennifer Castle Leedham Stockton Pictures and 2004 Reunion Video

Thank you all for your hard work and assistance