California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag

The following pictures were provided by Harold Andersen a Cadet at El Camino between 1951 and 1954.  The California Cadet Corps program began at El Camino in 1951.  For more information about the first classes at El Camino, Click Here.

California Cadet Corps Description 1952-53

El Camino Cadets from 1951-1952. Ashley Schuetz , Kay Kahus, Ed Hubert, Alan Khatoonian

Color Guard 1953-54

Battalion Staff 1952-53

Battalion Staff 1953-54

Company A 1952-53

Company B 1952-53

Company C 1952-53

Company A 1953-54

Company C 1953-54

Company D 1953-54

MP Unit 1953-54

On the Drill Field


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