California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag

The following pictures from the 1978-79 period were provided by Helen Sgheiza.

Map Reading at Smartville

Land Navigation Exercise

The lake near the bivouac site


From the hilltop

Russell Norris - Grant

Russell Norris - Grant

Russell Norris. Helen Smith, and Joe Campos all from Grant

Jean Fredericks - San Juan Surviving in the rain

Mindy Brady - Grant and Mark Claar - La Sierra

A group of Cadets in the Bivouac Area

Camp Site

Doug Jones, La Sierra

Jack Espinal

Jean Fredericks - San Juan

State Matches

Helen Sgheiza - Grant

Brian Hagler - La Sierra

Larry Tuma - Fresno

Camp Perry

Firing Line - Position Matches

Louie Deluche

Louie Deluche

Mark Raab

Helen Sgheiza works as a traget officer

Jack Espinal pulling targets

Tracy Smith applies first aid to her toe

Helen Sgheiza cooking in the motor home

Helen Sgheiza ponders the broken radio

Helen Sgheiza, Jack Espinal and Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith - San Juan at dinner

Tracy Smith - San Juan

Helen Sgheiza and Jack Espinal

Tracy Smith and Jack Espinal

Joni Hensley - El Camino