California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag

In the 1970's the La Sierra High School Color Guard began looking for a way to gain a competitive advantage in Drill Competitions and Parades.  As they examined the new FM 22-5 they realized that five person color guards had regulation moves.  They began practicing using a second state flag and discovered that they could perform almost as many maneuvers as an exhibition drill team.  Now all they needed was a "regulation" school flag.  The team made a rough sketch of the flag they wanted.  The talked the student council into funding materials for the flag and somehow convinced Ted Kline's mother to be Betsy Ross and make the flag.  Making the flag took a lot longer than expected and the costs doubled as the flag had to be made twice so that everything would look good on each side.  Some how it was finished by the Annual Drill Competition in the spring.  Of Course La Sierra and the flag won.  This was the beginning of La Sierra's domination of the event.  This page of the website is dedicated to Ted Kline's mother as a thank you for her hard work.
La Sierra High School Flag
The flag is still in good condition although the royal blue dye of the satin has changed its color to purple, a far more regal color.  The flag was entirely hand made.  Take a look at the details in the longhorn in the two close-ups below.
La Sierra High School Longhorn
La Sierra Longhorn Detail