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Leadership School

A leadership school was held each year for Cadets in the Fourth Brigade ( a loose association of cadet corps unit in the Sacramento, Auburn and Stockton areas).  This Leadership School provided cadets with class on leadership theory and also allow cadets the opportunity to interact with other cadets with diverse backgrounds.  This weekend long leadership school was held at military facilities including Travis Air Force Base, Rough and Ready Island, Treasure Island, and Fort Ord.  Sometimes it was held in National Guard Armories and at local high schools in the Sacramento area.   

Cadets usually attended the leadership school during their first two years in the program.  In their first year they attended the Basic Leadership School.  An Advanced Leadership School was attended in their second year.  As with the other California Cadet Corps extracurricular activities, third and fourth year cadets were responsible for organizing and running the leadership school.

 Subjects covered during the leadership school included:

Leadership Traits

Leadership Principles

Self Discipline

Problem Solving

Handling Disciple Problems

Reward and Punishment


Leadership Techniques

Leadership Styles


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