California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag

The Map Reading Bivouac

The location for the annual map reading bivouac was also changed over time between 1960 and 1985.  Initially, a three day map reading bivouac was held on the plateau in the area just north of Camp Winthers in the fall. Later, the map reading portion of the classroom curriculum was moved into the late winter and the map reading bivouac was held during Easter Vacation and it was  expanded to four full days. This bivouac was held then in Spenceville Recreation Area near Beale Air Force Base.  Unlike the survival bivouacs, cadets assisted in the preparation and received three normal meals each day and were especially fond of “hash grays” for breakfast and “chile with prunes” for dinner. Activities on the map reading bivouac included the following:

Map reading skills

Terrain Association

Land navigation

Intersection exercises

Resection exercises


Rifle marksmanship


Night Problems

Grid Systems

Map Orientation

Dead Reckoning

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