California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag

Hayward Union High School

The following information and documents were provided by Sheldon Parks who was a Cadet at Hayward Union High School from 1949 to 1951:

"My name is Sheldon Parks , I was at Hayward Union High School from 1949 until 1952, I was a member of the California Cadet Corps all those years ... I believe I was attached to  Co I , 3 Bn, 11th Regiment, at Hayward Union High School.  I was a Cadet from 1949 until 21 April 1950, when I was promoted to Staff Sgt.  I was a Staff Sgt from 21 Apr 1950 until 22 Sep 1951  when I was appointed  Cadet Second Lieutenant until I graduated from High School in Dec 1952."

(See attached copies of the promotion documents at the bottom of this page.)
"I found some info on the battalion and here are a few names of Officers of our unit Battalion Staff:
Cadet Major Howard Garrigan - Battalion Commander
S 1 Cadet  Lt. Dick Nissen - Personnel
S 2 Cadet  Lt. Sheldon Parks - Intelligence
S 3  Cadet  Lt. James Shields - Plans & Training
S 4  Cadet  Lt. Frank Kendall - Supply
Cadet Captain David Burke
Cadet Captain  James Pendergast
Major Neil Best was our advisor teacher commander what ever title he had and was assisted by Dennis Duniphin.
Our District Supervisor was  Colonel Richard A. Webb
Our Cadets attended a bivouac at Wildcat Canyon Rifle Range belonging to the California National Guard over the weekend of Nov. 23, 1951.  The program covered the following subjects  Instructional programs, Physical training, Small Unit Tactics, Field Problems and firing the M-1 Rifle all under the supervision of Cadet Officers.
I know I was on the Rifle Team and I was a Drill instructor at one time and also went to Sacramento with my drill team we got some award, I just can't remember what we won. I also got some medals for the rifle team.
I think that when I was Chief of Police in Texas and got elected as Constable in Texas that I heard that Cadet Major Howard Garrigan was elected Sheriff of Alameda County California."

California Cadet Corps NCO Promotion Form used in the early 1950's

California Cadet Corps Commission Form used in the early 1950's