California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag

The following pictures were provided by Mike Frerichs at the 2005 Reunion.

1 Paul Krumhaus cooking at an early Map Bivouac at Camp Winthers

2. Jack Espinal shooting a 9 mm Lugar at the Map Reading Bivouac

3. Dennis Howell at the Map Reading Bivouac

4. Tents at the Map Reading Bivouac

5. California Cadet Corps Summer Camp held at Camp Winthers

6. La Sierra Athletic Award for Rifle Marksmanship

7. California Cadet Corps Commission

8. California Cadet Corps Commission

9. NRA Club Marksmanship Medal

10. Civilian Marksmanship Medal

11. California Cadet Corps Postal Match Medal

12. La Sierra Rifle Team Jack Espinal, Mike Frerichs, Kirk Murphy, Mark Winninger, Ft Row Davis Schmidt, Ted Klein, and Art Leuang

13 Schmidt in the sitting position

14. Bruce Balvin practicing at the Roseville Rifle Range

15. Carl Smith shootinh his "Cannon" (.270 Winchester)

16. La Sierra Rifle Team at the El Camino Rifle Range

17. Mark Winninger shoots standing at the first La Sierra Outdoor Rifle Range (in the auto shop area).

18. Yearbook picture of Mark Winninger

National Rifle Championship Patch

Civilian Rifle Match Medal

California Cadet Corps Smallbore and M-1 Rifle Qualification Medal

DCM Sharpshooter Medal

La Sierra Defeats El Camino for the first time

La Sierra High School Varsity Letter - The first to be awarded to a Rifle Team Member

NRA Expert Patch

NRA Jr Member Patch

Regional Rifle Match Patch

California Cadet Corps State Rifle Teeam Patch

Tri County Rifle League Varsity All Star Team Medal

Tri County Rifle League Patch