California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag

The following pictures of Ribbons and California Cadet Corps Insignia were provided by Robert Cowan.

MP Ribbon

Order of the Silver Ribbon

Honor Company

Honor Platoon

Rifle Team Ribbon

Cadet Ribbon

Reserve Officer's Association Ribbon

School Service Ribbon

Leadership School

Clausen 1o Man Rifle Team

Summer Camp Ribbon

Championship Rifle Team

Community Service

Bivouac Ribbon

Honor Cadet Officer

Drill Team Ribbon

Cadet Proficiency Badge

C/2nd LT

C/1Lt Insignia

C/Captain Insignia

Shoulder Cord

Insignia Distinctive

Insignia Corps

Insignia Cal

State Rifle Team Patch

Early Tri-County League Patch

TriCount Rifle League Patch

Roseville Patch

Service Stripes